Robert Wells visits Syngene in Bangalore, India, July, 2000

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I spent a week working at Syngene in Bangalore, India, in mid-July this year.  I am helping them develop a software engineering and computational chemistry capability there, and they are doing work remotely for my engineering division in California. I have several other pages of pictures:

Saradha, Computational ChemistThis is Saradha, the senior computational chemist of the team.
This is Kotibabu, the lead software engineer.
This is Kuttaiah, another software engineer working with Kotibabu.
This is Raghu, another computational chemist on the team.
Vani, Analytic Chemist This is Vani, an analytic chemist who very kindly took me shopping, and took me to the Krishna Temple.
Buildings at Biocon India campusSyngene is part of Biocon, which has a very handsome campus about 20 KM southeast of Bangalore center on Hosur Road, not far from Electronic City.
Syngene Building, team offices in upper right We worked in the Syngene building, and I believe the second story window in the center of the picture is for the room where the computational team works.

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