Wells Family Trips


Ann sailing away into the sunset

More about particular trips:

  1. Belize '96
  2. Holy Land Trip 2007

We really enjoy travelling together, and have taken many great trips. Robert's Aunt "Vetta" has been an inspiration to us with her elder hostel and other world travels, and has gone with us on a number of trips starting with a tent camping and cottage trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in 1989, continuing with a rental RV trip to France in 1990, and so on. We like simple accommodations and authentic experiences. We like meeting people and learning new things. We discuss and select most of our trips well in advance, research them and commit to a general plan, but leave most of the details to be figured out day by day. We have busy days and quiet days depending on everyone's mood and energy level.

Ann sails into the sunset off South Water Caye, Belize, 1996.

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