Street Scenes around Bangalore, India

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This is a pretty area in the city center not too far from the Sheraton Windsor Towers.  It was common to see cows on the sidewalks and even in the middle of the road, everywhere we went. I found it pretty stunning the first time we drove around a cow in the middle of the road, but after a while it becomes normal.  There are still many beautiful trees in Bangalore, a famous garden city long before its recent fame as the silicon valley of India.
Street scene with Cow and Scooter
Here is another cow next to the road, and a bicycle really loaded with fruit - I saw amazingly heavy and bulky loads carried on rickshaws, scooters, bicycles, and women's heads.
Bicycle loaded with tropical fruit
Here we see more auto-rickshaws, a bit of a light blue bus, and a very colorful truck in front of us.  I loved the way they painted their trucks, and many of the auto-rickshaws had great custom paint jobs as well.
Street scene with truck marked "Horn Please"Typical truck paintjob

There were signs and buildings for Texas Instruments, Intel, Compaq, Wipro, IBM, and many other companies along the roads. I liked the concept of the "Zen driving school" - people drove using no obvious rules, yet it all flowed amazingly smoothly, so maybe they were all in the zen of it.
Signs on road - Texas Instruments and Zen Driving School

This was one of the very last pictures I took in Bangalore, on my way to the airport.  We are driving along a very pretty tree lined street, very clean with nice sidewalks and grass on both sides of the road, and very little traffic.  As we drive along, we pass this mother with her two daughters walking along, all in beautiful and colorful dresses.  I feel this picture captures some of the beauty that I saw in Bangalore and its people.
Mother and two daughters in saris

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