Architecture in Bangalore, India

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This condominium development on Hosur Road was pretty spectacular, and I drove right past it mornings and evenings.  It has an exuberant Greek Revival energy on a grand scale, and I rather like it - the proportions work surprisingly well.  It is a large development with a number of buildings similar to those shown here.  It appears that it will effectively be a gated community when it is completed.  
Agropolis condos on Hosur Rd

This building is further south on the east side of Hosur Road at some distance.  It is another kind of Greek Revival example, but I think it is a difficult building to like.  It has an amazingly diverse set of architectural elements thrown together in an unsettling mixture.  I can understand why it is still "TO LET".
Building in multiple styles near Hosur Rd

I saw an extremely wide range of architectural styles and techniques in use in Bangalore, and there were new buildings going up everywhere.  I liked the feel of this very narrow but lively building I passed along my way - notice the men on the roof, and the sign for Christ Convent High School at the bottom.
Narrow building on Hosur Rd

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