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I receive mail at: (all year round, every other day) (during the day, if it's urgent, but only during the school year)

If for some reason, possibly that you are a cabbage, you don't have the necesary attention span to read any of the stuff I've written, just watch the spinning Sacred Chao. You won't get as much out of it, but it'll still be more fulfilling and enjoyable than rectal surgery.

Sacred Chao

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For reasons not yet made clear to me, this page sometimes looks really funky when viewed from a Macintosh. In order to minimize unwanted funkiness, set Netscape (or your miscellaneous browser) to fill your monitor completely. For absolute minimal unwanted funkiness, use Netscape (Eriscape would probably work better actually) on a pentium (or through a well used and lubricated pineal gland) with the window filling the screen.




Last Updated: After a few months of neglect, I once again have time to update the page and write some more.  So, around mid-march, perhaps the 15th.  I'm a little hazy on the date, but now that it's spring break, does it really matter?

Little do ye know,

though ye think ye know much.

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Save the electrons
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My content is now Y2K compliant! Notice the counter now says 1997, not just "97".

My old counter company suddenly decided they wanted money in return for the services they were providing me,

and seeing as that wasn't going to happen, I had to switch to this much more tacky and ugly looking counter.

My apologies, I'll change it as soon as I find a better looking free counter.

Since August 26th, 1997