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I deleted a  lot of either old or crappy pages.  Sorry if I offended anyone.   One of these days I'll survey my friends again and see what they've made.  For now, my apologies to Ryan and Isaac, both of whom I think now have pages and have given me the URL's.  Unfortunately, I wrote the URL's down on a little yellow sticky and put them in my wallet.  My wallet fills up with little yellow sticky's, and sometimes I got through and throw most of them away.  Sorry.  Feel free to email them to me (perhaps for the second time).

My Family

Purple Wonderful simplicity. I can stare at it for hours.

The Onion Superior to The Star or National Enquirer.

The Rapture Index It took me awhile to decide that he's serious, but it's amusing anyway.

Hotmail Wonderful people who provide web-based email.

Principia Discordia

a Discordian Page with oodles of links.

Ring of Fnords Lots more discordian pages.

Bungie Makers of Marathon.

Apple Makers of Macintosh Computers. Buy from them, they're good.

The Bastard Son of The Lord Home Page

My old marker page which tells you to come here. Don't really go here. It's just on the list 'cause I made it.

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