The Watcher behind your Forehead

Ever wanted to be part of a minority religion (or cult, depending on which sounds more appealing to you)?

Ever wanted some long-haired punk to send you a letter full of capitalist/fascist/freedom philosophy?

Heard about me and wonder what I might have to say?

Regardless of any of the answers to the previous questions, The Watcher behind your Forehead is for you.

I've started an electronic newsletter to give a louder voice to my opinions and a platform for my religion. The newsletter is free and I will send it out whenever I have the time. This should be roughly once a month, but depending on school and other factors in my life, it may be either more or less often. The newsletter will be full of my philosophy and wit, any interesting stuff I have to say, and information pertaining to Christicism.

To recieve this monthly (roughly) newsletter or just to ask for more information, contact me at

Take Note: In order to allow me to continue doing these during the school year, they will be shorter than they used to be.

Old Issues:

Vivon Issue(#1)

Juvine Issue (#2)

Aloon Issue (#3)

Watcher Issue #4

Decebrem Issue #5

Just to sound more impressive, I've decided that the issue numbers will no longer progress linearly or at a constant rate.

Vitae Issue (#36)

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