britface.jpg (2254 bytes) Britney Spears
She may not be the greatest singer in the world (although I do like her first song alot), but she is so cute.   I think she is also a step in the right direction for female fashion because 1) she's not blond, 2) she does do more than just stand there and look pretty (she sings, dances and makes music videos) and 3) most importantly, she's built like a real person could be.  While she is thinner than the national average, she's well within one standard deviation of the mean.  No more of those skin stretched over bones models.   I think Marilyn Monroe and Madonna were really hot too, and they weren't that thin either.

If more people accepted Britney Spears as the icon of American beauty, I think we'd have fewer unheathily thin or anorexic girls around.

Anyway, that was my justification/rationalization for having these, enjoy.

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