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This is my Page. Welcome.


Much time has passed since I last updated this page, and many things have happened.  We have moved to the west coast, Robert has changed companies, Chris has finished his classes and begun working for Microsoft, Tommy has finished high school, and is entering UCMerced in another week. We bought a house, in East Palo Alto.  Robert and I have each bought cars- a Mazda Miata for Rob and a Honda CRV for me.   And my life has changed also: I'm going back to school again, at San Jose State University's School of Library and Information Science.  
I'm a woman, wife, mother, UNIX and PC system administrator. I like movies, travel (Our trip to Belize was absolutely fabulous!), and reading.  I'm an Orthodox Catholic, and was involved in the administration of our previous Diocese (Diocese of New England), within the Orthodox Church of America.  We are now attending the Church of the Redeemer in Los Altos Hills, which is in the self-ruled Antiochean Orthodox Archdiocese .  Rob and I both sing in the choir there.  
For my opinions/current favorites on these topics, click on : movies, travel, reading.
I like Graffiti, but not vandalism (or the current practice of 'tagging' - just your name, how BORING, guys!), so I collect buttons and bumper stickers. Some of my favorites are here.
Here's my Resume.
Although I'm not working outside the home right now (but every mother is a Working mother!), here's some information on the last place that did employ me.


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