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We go on trips fairly often... and we always have a great time. Even with kids!  I think that that is because we don't demand perfection of each other, we stay open to suggestions, and do not have an un-changeable itinerary (except to be back at the airport in time to leave). If it rains, check a weather forecast, and head for a sunny area. We saw some great parts of France that way!

Robert has done some great work documenting our trips to Belize and elsewhere.

We like to spend some time up in Maine each summer, and currently we are thinking of going to Europe again.

Well, we didn't get back to Europe, but Robert and I went to Russia, Siberia, and the Russian Far East in the summer of 2002.  Robert was singing in a choir associated with Bowdoin College, run by Anthony Antonelli.  It was a great trip, but fairly exhausting.  Robert took about 300 photos, all digital, and I'll get them up here eventually.  

Not too many other big trips lately- Tommy, Rob and I went to Las Vegas for most of a week, shortly after Tommy graduated.  No gambling, but several really fun shows!  

Rob and I will be back in Las Vegas for the Sumo wrestling in early October, if I can take time off from my classes.  


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