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BWAHH HAH HAH!  I'm 18 now, as of February 24th!  I'm now a full member of society, able to do pretty much anything anyone else can do except for drink alcohol legally, but that's not such a big problem.  I can vote, buy tobacco products, probography, firearms, oh yeah, and I can also be tried as an adult if I were to commit a crime.  And my signature is now binding.  On the other hand, I no longer have a driving curfew.  This has been most helpful recently.  It no longer seems odd to get home after 3am.

Life is so amazingly good.  I'm still with Lily (the girl in the pictures, oh and speaking of pictures, I'm gonna get some new ones soon) and we're doing well together.   I'm into a college I like so what all the other colleges say is now less important.   School is going great and I've taken up photography (Keep checking back everyone now and then for a new page devoted just to my photography).  Being 18 is very cool, especially in combination with being a senior in high school who's already been accepted into college.

I deleted a lot of old crud that was building up around here.  Look around my pages to see more about me.

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