Wells Belize '96 Diving: Sponges

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Yellow tubular horn spongeThis bright yellow tube sponge to the left is my favorite sponge. Purple and tan tube sponges and a variety of hard and soft corals are nearby. These sponges are growing at about 40' depth, attached to a vertical coral wall that descends to over 100' depth below us.

Soft, furry Sponge
The pink vase sponge on the right looks like a very soft and furry sponge, and reminds me a bit of the young Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors. Another open mouth to feed...

Grecian Urn Sponge
The sponge on the left reminds me of a Grecian urn, lost in a shipwreck and rediscovered at the bottom of the sea.

Barrel Sponge
The sponge on the right is fairly typical of the barrel sponges we found in somewhat more shallow water, 15-30' depth. We saw some that were more than 5' tall and 3' in diameter.

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