Wells Belize '96 Diving: Little Fish

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These are a few of the many beautiful fish we saw among the coral reefs in Belize.

Two Yelllow TailThe yellow tail snappers on the left swam right past my face. Their yellow and silver markings are very distinctive. They are about 12" long.
French Angel Fish
The Gray Angelfish to the right is about 12" long, and fairly common on the coral reefs of Belize, along with the similar looking French Angelfish.
Queen Angel Fish
The very beautiful Queen Angelfish to the left is about 12". long.
Parrot fish
The Blue Parrotfish to the right is fun to watch, with it parrot-like beak and its habit of pecking at the coral. Size 15". Some cousins of this fish have very pretty rainbow coloration.
Squirrel fish
The Squirrelfish to the left is a very distinctive reddish fish. They are quite shy and generally hid when we approached. This one is about 9" long.
Small Grouper
The Jewfish to the right is about 2' long, small for the biggest of the groupers. These fish can grow to 8', and are not particularly afraid of divers.
Unidentified fish at night
The greenish-blue fish on the left is resting on a rock, I surprised him on a night dive. I think its a Parrotfish.
Blue Tang
The Blue Tang on the right is a very pretty and distinctive fish. I found this one alone, but they often travel in schools.
Several small blue fish
The pretty blue fish on the left are typical of small groups we saw frequently.

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