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I was 8 years old when the Cosmonauts and Mercury astronauts first went into space. I grew up watching the missions on television, and avidly reading science fiction, particularly concerning space flight. While I was growing up, I wasn't particularly focused on getting into space, and until a couple of years ago I would never say that I had wanted to be an astronaut. I joined the L5 Society in college, and just assumed as a matter of course that I would indeed one day attend the meeting on an orbital colony at the L5 point to disolve the society. After the Challenger accident I grew pessimistic for many years about my own chances of getting into space. Still I joined the National Space Society when it merged with the L5 Society. Now when asked, I always say that I want to be an astronaut when I grow up. I fully intend to reach low earth orbit. I yearn to experience weightlessness, to see the Earth from space, and to see the stars without any atmosphere in the way. In 2020 I'll only be 67 and intend to pay my way into space, if anyone is selling tickets. I'm betting that there will be commercial companies selling trips to low earth orbit before then, using next generation earth to orbit vehicles.

I intend to do this, but currently guestimate it at only a 25% chance that tickets will be available. What can we do to increase the odds? Stay informed, and support organizations working to promote a tourist industry in space. Some of these organizations are:

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Wells | Robert