Spring Photography 1999

s-BostonShattered.jpg (9068 bytes)

Outside the 7-11 somewhere in Boston, not too far from the waterfront.

s-AloePlants.jpg (11856 bytes) Plants in Lily's living room on a sunny day.  I think they're aloe plants, but I'm not positive.
s-LilyReflections.jpg (7219 bytes) Lily in a park in Providence that overlooks the city. s-NetGame.jpg (10488 bytes) Cables and computers at a Netgame in Patrick Duffy's basement.
s-WarpedBoston.jpg (8172 bytes) Looking up at tall buildings in Boston's financial district. s-IvyWall.jpg (8489 bytes) Ivy growing on a wall in the same park in Providence that overlooks the city.
s-WreckedCar.jpg (7763 bytes) The morning after one eventful night that my car got towed I went to get it back the next morning and found it parked next to this burnt out hulk of a car.

These are the best of the prints that I've produced since the beginning of my spring senior project.  Project marked the end of my photography class and thus all of these were done solely because I wanted to make them, not for any class work or study.  The theme in my mind was issues of perception and how our view differs from where we are and how we feel.  The original prints are of a higher quality than these digitized versions, but the loss is acceptable.